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Damola Ademola, a Nigerian professional filmmaker visited KFTV School

DAMOLA executive producer and co-founder of Inkblot productions. Damola is one of the founders of Inkblot Productions. He is a co-producer on The Arbitration, Out of Luck (2015) , The Arbitration (2016), He also served as an Executive Producer on New Money (2018). He also Executive Produced The Wedding Party, Up North, The Set Up, Who’s The Boss and Quam’s Money In addition to working with Inkblot, Damola is an advertising executive with over a decade of experience.

During his visit ak kftv school he conducted the workshop with students where he took them thought his production process , project planning and pitching for fund and also provided to students the different production tips that are very important to the film production . he also shared his experience and encouraged the students to produced using their available means.

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